New song is up, yo!

2010-01-16 10:38:57 by Groovebot

Check it out!

Still can't figure out how to make it unavailable for if anyone knows please help me out! Otherwise...grab it for free while you can I guess? :-)


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2010-01-17 11:17:34

man i hate the spammer!!
u can easily delete it


2010-01-19 13:18:34

You cannot make your music unavailable for download. If you don't agree with the Creative Commons license, I'd suggest that you don't upload any more music to Newgrounds, because the license is 100% non-negotiable.

Also, put your advertising and zerobomb crying in the appropriate threads please.


2010-01-19 13:19:05

do you seriously want people to pay for that?


2010-01-20 16:18:56

my gosh ppl dont you have any shame??