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The Actor The Actor

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I recommend subtitles, (even if they're small and subtle). The guys voice is fitting, but a little too softspoken and hard to hear at times. The message is really cool, so making sure every word of it is understood is important, I feel like.

Super great work though, as usual! Very impressed by this!

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gopherguy responds:

I may see if I can find someone else to do the voiceovers. I knew going into it I wouldn't be the best for it, but all the readings I got sounded too over the top for what I was aiming for. I still have some time yet before senior show.

The String The String

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Front page?! HOLY HANNAH!

Nice job dude. Pissed that you used that crappy music, instead of the sweet melody I slaved over for months for you. Way to be on the front page dude! That's awesome!

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gopherguy responds:

Hah. Well, we might be able to change it back sometime...

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HW - Sedative Shapes HW - Sedative Shapes

Rated 5 / 5 stars

REAL groovy!

I was just listening to the top 5, and this is easily the coolest song. Usually I have something constructive to say, but in this case, all I can say is that this song is awesome. Super relaxing. Super clean. Super smooth.

10/10. Keep it up. Checked out your myspace, too. Great stuff!

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks a lot man.

Fredgy - Drum&Bass WIP Fredgy - Drum&Bass WIP

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Catchy, but could use a little more 'oomph'

I like the tune here, but have you tried slipping in a bit more drum, and bass? I love the song for it's fact im sort of humming it in my head while writing this, but some deeper, more powerful basslines and bass drums would make this song kick harder! I'd like to hear that :-)

You said you're using FL 8 XXL? See if you can make a sweet bass synth using sytrus, or use one of the presets if you're not sure how (sytrus took me forever to figure out)...3x OSC can get bretty powerful sounds too, with either a saw or square wave. As for drums...I'm not sure. I was never able to get a good bass drum in FL, but maybe that's just because I love my Reason sound packs too much.

Try seeing what it would sound like if you use the parametric EQ to soften up the cymbals? I think they distract from how awesome this song is!

Keep up the good work, yo. I like what I hear, and I'm just trying to offer whatever knowledge I can!

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Fredgy responds:

that's what i want as a review!
i'll do whatever i can dude :D
thanks for giving me your opinion how to change it ;)
Drums are in my list, bass wasn't anymore, but i'll put it on again!
i'm going to do all my points i said in my comment + the once people say that aren't in yet, so, BASS, more powerfull ok

i dunno, never worked with sytrus? I think that 3 X Osc is better to use for bass ? i will see ;-D
there will be an update, but not yet for now, now i'm in the middle of my examperiode :)

thanks a lot!

TouHou Hardstyle - Bad Apple TouHou Hardstyle - Bad Apple

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Powerful tune!

Considering that hardstyle is usually not my cup of tea, I totally enjoyed this song! Super well put together, and the fills really keep the listener interested! The song is well mastered and sounds great! Way to go!