Myspace x100

2010-01-21 00:51:15 by Groovebot

Hey everyone! I finished re-designing and coding my myspace! I figured after taking two years of Graphic Design and Web Design courses at school, I figured it was finally time to show off a little bit. I was getting a little tired of the old 'copy and paste' myspace layout, so I fixed it up real nice! :-)

Not that I use my myspace, or check it ever, but with it being a great place to direct people, I figured I should just make myself look as legit as possible, even if it's all a lie :-)

I hope you all like it (if anyone goes to it)!

Peace, yo!

Myspace x100

New song is up, yo!

2010-01-16 10:38:57 by Groovebot

Check it out!

Still can't figure out how to make it unavailable for if anyone knows please help me out! Otherwise...grab it for free while you can I guess? :-)

Hey all, I've given a lot of feedback on the audio portal so far, even though I'm brand new to newgrounds. This is because I like helping people out and giving useful feedback that people can actually use. However, I'm waiting for the audio moderator to be done looking over my music before I can finally get some of my songs up on the audio portal. What I'm trying to say is...

If you're reading this, you must be interested in me or my music for some reason, and I'm letting you know that you can find it here: